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Spanish2: 3er, 4to, 6to y 7mo (A-B) periodos
Instructor: Eichler, Hellen Liendo   
Playa Medina, Edo. Sucre. Venezuela

Bienvenidos a nuestra clase de Español
Recetas Hispanas
Here is the list of recipes. Decide which dish you want to cook (or pretend to cook):

ceviche, gazpacho, tamales,
arroz con pollo, flan (dessert), empanadas,
pupusas, tostones, pabellón,
lomo saltado, hallacas, tortilla española,
arepas, ropa vieja, chorillana,
pozole, gallo pinto, tres leches (dessert),

Como hacer la tortilla española

Click on the link to watch video. Write the recipe to make "Una Tortilla Española"
Keep it simple!
Write directions using the tú commands (affirmative and negative as needed)
Make sure to have ingredientes and pasos in your recipe.
Discussion Topics
1st period: Spanish 1 NAMS
2nd period: travel/ planning
3rd period: Spanish 2 NAHS
4th period: Spanish 2 NAHS
5th preriof: planning
6th period: Spanish 2 NAHS
7th period: Spanish 2 NAHS
+ Eichler, Hellen
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